Sunday, 24 November 2013

How to Buy a Leather Jacket

1 Type of Leather Jacket Make sure that the type of leather is not too fragile (even very expensive leather can be flimsy, a bad move and schrrr a scratch) you also don’t want a jacket that looks cheap, this clothing item should be an investment not something you buy each season. So pick wisely, inspect the grain of the leather very closely with your own eyes and make sure to touch areas on the jacket you are doubting, if unsure – leave it! The smell usually indicates if the leather is of good quality (at this stage the sales assistant thinks you are insane, well better that than wasting your hard earned cash, there’s a recession out there!). Italian leather is always the best – just be realistic if the leather looks like it will age well, then bravo, on to the next stage.

2 Colour Naturally, black springs to mind, the classic I don’t give a what colour, yet it compliments everything. We are in luck as the times keep evolving. Brown can be a good choice for most fans of all things preppy. I personally find that oxblood is my hue, classic to the core and it almost guaranties that wherever I go, no other guests will pitch up rocking an oxblood leather jacket. Another winner is green, bottle green, olive green or simply khaki green, if the burgundy shade does not cut it for you, this one might. Whatever you do please keep the black / brown / oxblood and green on the dark note, we all love and respect pastels yet leather jackets should be kept in dark shades. Full stop.

3 Fit Leather is a natural material, it will give slightly and over the years mold to you shape. I recommend you size down and wear the heck out of the jacket until it becomes like second skin, literally. Avoid at all cost these oversized trends – yeah in the 90’s we all thought it was a good thing, we are seeing a comeback, that’s only for die hards wannabees – sorry it’s not flattering to swamp in leather and it’s simply a waste of fabric. The arms should end at your wrists, just keep it fitted. The body lining should ideally be made of cotton and the sleeves lining is to be made of viscose.

4 Style 3 main styles to consider and frankly nothing more: Biker, Motorcycle & Bomber Leather Jackets. The Biker, should have good zips, hopefully a collar you can pop up (I prefer mine without waist belts – yuk!). Motorcycle, kind of similar to the biker yet more sturdy, padding on the shoulders, arms – forearms as well as lower back yoke. The Bomber jacket should be very simple yet super sleek, try not to have the arm cuffs and waist cuff in another material, that’s a big tragedy in my eyes, notably after a few years, as when there are 2 materials, the one that’s not leather does not really last, so keep everything leather.

5 Who stocks the Best Leather Jackets Don’t be fooled by big fashion designer houses or bloggers that are endorsing their products too. A good leather jacket can be anywhere and almost any price point. Start raiding your older relatives closets as you will be amazed what leather gems they are hiding. Then move onto charity shops / thrifts shops. Finally venture into high end high street shops, and should you have a good bank account just call up the designers for fittings.

6  Where & How to Buy Them From experience & preference plus online reading
All Saints: they have a badass collection – season after season there will be a really good item, at least 1 so try them in store, try various sizes, they tend to vary from model to model… My best leather jacket ever is from All Saints (Oxblood Biker Jacket). I have been wearing their brand for nearly 10 years now so I know!
Maje: always try in store, check the seams – that should be a cardinal rule for buying clothes it’s one of mine trust me, the sizing is usually right. They are good for summer leather jackets.
Versus Vesace: the good leather smell, leather as soft as butter, I am a lucky girl as I love their simpler designs, I have a bomber jacket that is not as fitted yet looks super cool, this one is special, a keeper.
Twenty8Twelve: I have their vintage chocolate brown waistcoat, it’s pretty cool and goes with everything, the leather is just sumptuous and smells gorgeous.
Market Stalls: the last I got was in Italy, in perfect condition, for just under the equivalent of £25, if a jacket survived 20 years already it’s a good sign. Yet, beware as vintage can mean that you might have to do a few alterations, bare that in mind as that cost could amount to the price of a brand new jacket.


Some leather jackets I stumbled across online and loved: Acne, Anine Bing, Balenciaga, Balmain, Bash, Burberry Prorsum, Faith Connexion, Hunky Dory, Iro, Isabel Marant, J Brand, Rick Owens, Saint Laurent, Sandro, Swildens & many more...

- Bloggers I featured -
Anine Bing wears Anine Bing Moto Leather Jacket
Karen Blanchard wears All Saints Walker Leather Biker Jacket
Lucy Williams wears H&M Icons Leather Jacket
Yours Truly wears All Saints Oxblood Leather Biker & Forest Leather Biker

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